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We are an Alzheimer's Retirement Community for people in all stages of Alzheimer’s, who need 24/7 specialized care. Our facilities provide the highest quality of service available at a price far below those available in North America. Our staff of highly trained professionals offers our guests the best comprehensive care. Financial planning and assistance is also provided in order to give all guests the necessary tools and tactics to preserve their heritage and savings.

  The Peaceful Mind Institute
Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care inside and outside the United States

We are currently developing a residence in Guatemala, Central America, also known as the Land of Eternal Spring, which will provide professional, 24/7, personal care for Alzheimer’s/Dementia patients. CNN recently listed Guatemala as one of the World’s Top Ten Destinations to visit in 2011! We define personal care as one certified nurses’ aide for each Alzheimer’s patient around the clock. This care will be provided in a safe, secure, home-like facility, established in a peaceful, serene wooded setting in a gated compound with 24/7 security. We expect completion of the facility hopefully by the fall of 2012. We are currently accepting reservations for guests, as there are a limited number of available rooms. Our process begins with an interview to determine if our personalized care program is a good fit for the guest.

The residence and care provided will be at one-third the cost of a similar level of care in the U.S., making it affordable for the average middle class family from the U.S.

“The inspiration behind this concept was my own grandparents. My grandfather, who until retirement had been a foreman at a cement plant for 40 years, was diagnosed with dementia several years ago. My grandmother was not physically able to care for him, so he was placed in a nursing home where he passed away after almost five years. Due to the necessity of extra care in the last years, their life savings of 40 years of working and saving were wiped out. My grandfather died in poverty, leaving my grandmother with nothing but social security for her remaining years.” Steven Pittser (Co-founder).

















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